Compare Insurance Quotes with Lambden Insurance Services

We offer a variety of coverage options for those looking to insure themselves and their belongings. We're proud to be a leader in insurance coverage for the area and would love to find a policy that's right for all of your needs whether you need auto, homeowner's or both. We can even help with your business insurance needs.

Life is full of unknowns, and those can lead to accidents that result in serious complications. These unknowns are why insurance companies exist. We protect you, your family, and your possessions against damage and a lawsuit. Despite insurance having benefits, too much insurance may be costing you more money than it needs to. Laws dictate exactly what insurance a Maryland resident needs; however, we're able to help you figure out if that's enough for your specific situation. We even have options that can save you money. 

When you don't have insurance, you're leaving yourself or your business open for people to sue you without any capital to cover the lawsuit. The incorrect policy can lead to you paying money out of pocket, getting into serious debt or even losing your personal possessions. Insurance has the potential to protect you in case you're injured and are unable to work. Without it, you could find yourself losing money while you're off work. If you have a family, this is even more vital since more than just you depends on you. Not to mention, insurance can give you a peace of mind, so the worry can be placed on somebody else in the event of something going wrong.  

You can utilize the feature on our website to request a free quote for an insurance policy. You'll get a result easily and quickly. We have an agent standing by to assist you right now. 


“Have worked with Roy for the past 15 years and found him to be energetic and a great advocate for his clients. Not just seeking the best pricing, but stressing the best coverages to protect his insureds.”

Mickie F, Underwriter

“We've worked side by side with Mr. Lambden for close to 20 years for our business and personal insurance needs. Roy has consistently proven time and time again to not only to have saved our company a great deal of time and money, but more importantly to us, Roy has also been reliable, honest and has made sure our assets are always properly protected. We'll never leave!!”

Bobby Jones, Chef/Owner, The Point Crab House & Grill