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Umbrella Insurance

At Lambden Insurance, we offer extensive umbrella insurance services. While this type of coverage may not be known to many people, it is actually extremely important for anyone who wants to be sure that they have plenty of liability coverage.

What is Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Umbrella insurance coverage is additional liability coverage that can help protect a business owner or an individual from large claims and major lawsuits. While all homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies do include liability coverage, it is limited. The minimum level of coverage prescribed by the state of Maryland is typically the amount that is included in the insurance policy. This amount of coverage is not enough to pay for a settlement in which there were major damages, nor is it enough to pay for a major lawsuit judgment. That is where umbrella insurance comes in. It can cover situations like

  • Injury that occurs in the vehicle or in the home
  • Some property damage situations
  • Some types of lawsuit actions

How Does Umbrella Insurance Coverage Work?

An umbrella insurance policy is there to take over when the limits of the regular policy has been reached. For example, if a person sues a homeowner for damages that occurred during a visit to that property, they may be awarded an amount that the homeowner's or vehicle owner's primary insurance policy won't be able to cover. Once the maximum has been paid from the homeowner's (or vehicle owner's) main insurance policy, the umbrella policy will pay for the remainder of the monetary judgment.

When you are ready to buy auto coverage or homeowners insurance, make sure that you're actually getting enough coverage. At Lambden Insurance, we can help you compare multiple insurance quotes online in just minutes. You can find the perfect homeowners, auto, and umbrella insurance without even having to leave your home!