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Life Insurance

We enjoy our lives with our families, the jobs we enjoy doing, and living our lives to the absolute fullest. In these moments, we don't consider what may happen if we were taken off of this Earth and how our families would manage without us. Life insurance should not be an option for you and your family, it is a necessity. Just like health insurance, life insurance is there to support our loved ones in the most tender of times. There are two common types of life insurance: term life and permanent life.

Term Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is for a policy lasting only a certain amount of time and pays out only if the policy holder passes away within that term. In general, it is the best value but does not build cash value that can be useful in the future. You can also renew the policy after the term but your premium is subject to increase.

Permanent Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is a long term financial protection, including death benefits as well as cash savings. The premiums tend to be higher. Life insurance is a necessity for your loved ones after you are gone. It doesn't have to be complicated or confusing.

Whichever type of plan suites your needs the best, Lambden Insurance is here to help you. Call us today for your free quote.